Hardware and Software

There are so many computers, printers, scanners, faxes, mobile devices and other gadgets on the market that it can be simply overwhelming knowing which is right for your business. We have supply agreements with the major distributors here in Australia and have the experience to help you select the right products.

We recommend the use of business grade hardware whenever possible. This means that all Servers and PC’s come with onsite warranty and they use components designed for the business market.

Our vendor partnership’s enables us to compete with the biggest players in the market without incurring their higher overheads.

Once you have the right hardware you need the best software.

When assessing your hardware and software requirements we consider all of the following to ensure that we offer the best solution possible:

  • What is the task that needs to be performed?
  • Can the existing hardware and software perform the task?
  • For how long will the task be performed?
  • Will the tasks requirements change in the next 1, 2 or more years?
  • Which hardware and software best performs the task but allows for future changes and improvements?

So don’t just buy the quick fix.  Give us a call and let us provide the right hardware and software for the task.

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