System Security

The often forgotten yet critical component of your IT systems. Is your data and systems secure? Do you experience virus and malware infections on your systems? Do you know who has access to your systems and what they are doing on there? Do your staff know each other’s passwords?

Many organisations have poor IT system security. From weak passwords to poor system configurations it is no surprise that many businesses have been negatively impacted by malicious software (or people) resulting in the theft of private data and IP or even the destruction of it.

We take security very seriously and will perform a number of tasks to improve your security. From simple yet effective changes such as removing unnecessary administrator rights, setting password policies and hardening firewalls and networks.

Products that perform email and web content monitoring can provide you with detailed reports on what your staff are doing on your business computers.

We can also assist you with the weakest link of all, people. We provide training to you and your staff on how to protect your business through your actions online, on the phone and in person.

Get in touch and let us improve your IT system security.

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